Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need
to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.      2 Timothy 2:15
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Does it seem that the Mennonite Church cannot admit to, and repent of, its own inconsistency?   While it thinks nations should dwell in peace it has many factions and fatalities. While it claims Christ as Lord it gets unequally yoked together with unbelievers. While it speaks of being Anabaptist it gets more and more Catholic in thinking.

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Comment by:  Anonymous - SaXaFSNRyOfKa - Sep 7, 2012
Again, this is a skewed idea of what groinwg up in a Mennonite household was like. For one thing, all of us kids, and Dad, would cook in the kitchen, and it didn't matter who sat where at the table. Of course, it was much easier for mom to be closer to the kitchen when having to serve the family which the rest of the family did, as well. Dad did sit at the head of the table but not always. We never wore head coverings as some of the German Baptists did and some of the Old Mennonites still do to this very day. Living in a Mennonite home is and was the best upbringing that anyone could ever get and the LOVE shown was honest and true and good. It is that way in most truly Christian homes. I feel sorry for the person who feels that his/life was too regimented and not a good way of life. Mine was and I cherish all the memories and love shown on both sides of the family. If I could raise up my family that has passed on I surely would. I miss them and the good times we had. Playing games at the table, roughhousing on floor, polishing the newly waxed wood floor with our socks, playing basketball, football, baseball, tennis, walks, camping, boating in the kayak dad made. So many wonderful things in my memory to cherish. It is sad that others don't have the camaraderie that we shared. Another thing, we all shared with the duties around the house. We all learned to do things. We all learned to do things and make things with the hands that God gave us. We played instruments, as well.

Comment by:  Lyndon Unger - Saskatchewan, Canada - Oct 2, 2010
I'd actually suggest that the Mennonite Church is in a theological coma. It's not that the Mennonite Church cannot admit to, or repent of, its own inconsistency. It's rather that the Mennonite Church (And MB Church) is utterly theologically unconscious. As a denomination, we simply do not realize that there are wolves in sheeps clothing in our midst, tearing the flock limb from limb, hidden behind academic sophistry. Many people see what is going on, but the wolves are now running the show and it's arguably too late to do anything. The previous generation, with little discernment, elected and appointed the wolves to their positions of power and sought "understanding" and "peace" with the wolves when they saw them for what they are, instead of standing up for the truth and running the wolves out of town. The first stage of recovery will likely be a wolfhunt, and that is NEVER going to happen in my neck of the woods because we don't actually study the scripture enough to have serious, defensible, comprehensive convictions on the ANYTHING taught in scripture.

Comment by:  Anonymous - - Feb 29, 2008
These statements speak for themselves regarding MC USA. Sleeping persons think things that they would never think if they were awake. Sleeping persons dont know when they have been asleep unless they awake. Sleeping persons have a repugnance to the sound of "an alarm".

Comment by:  Anonymous - - Jul 16, 2007
To think the Labyrinth at EMS is going to bring true spirituality to anyone is an illustration of the seminary professors getting more Catholic in their thinking.

Comment by:  Anonymous - California - Nov 15, 2006
Will this website be the means of a true revival in the Mennonite Church? I hope so! Without such we are doomed to continue the downward slide into more and more heresy. Most persons in the pew don't know how far our leaders have already drifted.

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