Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need
to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.      2 Timothy 2:15
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Does the church today have too little fear of God and veneration for His sovereignty?   So the concepts of sin and hell and judgment are almost never mentioned. So to agree to disagree with each other is more important than to agree with God. So there is little talk about eternal realities and the awesome attributes of God.

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Comment by:  Anonymous - - Mar 10, 2008
I am thankful that there are some persons who are aware of the serious drift in MCUSA away from Godly fear and a respect for His Word. Thanks for speaking out on vital issues.

Comment by:  Anonymous - - Mar 28, 2007
Examine "The Mennonite", "Our Faith", and your conference publication. Is there a lack of articles on the attributes of God, holiness, judgment, etc.? The themes that are dwelt with are so repetitive and narrow because there is so little fear of God. A true fear of God will get theological and practical subjects in their correct order of importance.

Comment by:  Anonymous - Virginia - Nov 17, 2006
One of the signs of apostasy is a denial of hell, or making hell to be something other than as Jesus described it. By not preaching about it we deny its reality, for if it is a place of everlasting torment persons need to be warned not to go to that dreadful place.

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