Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need
to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.      2 Timothy 2:15
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Does the Mennonite church seem to bow to the god of education?   To be educated seems more important than to be converted and pure in faith. To be educated means to be compliant with other faiths and to accept their values. To be educated is to deny and discredit the infallibility of the Word of God.

Comments - Listed by most recent date at the top.
Comment by:  Brett Perrett - Virginia - Sep 7, 2012
I agree with the comment below. The problem is not with education. The problem is with the pride, arrogance, and unfaithfulness of professors that teach our students about the Word of God. They don't believe in the infallibility and inerrancy of God's Word. So they try to make every miracle in God's Word something that takes place in the natural realm. They try to say that we can live by the Sermon on the Mount. And while that covers good teachings, it says nothing that can save you from the penalty of our sin. We need to be born again!

Comment by:  Lyndon Unger - Saskatchewan, Canada - Sep 6, 2010
I'd actually suggest that this question wrongfully assumes that education is a bad thing. I'd argue that rational tools (knowledge of history, theology, biblical languages, etc.) are only as good as their biblical fidelity and co-existence alongside personal humility. In Mennonite circles, we have many people who are rank liberals and actually don't know it; they assume that they are "normal" and other people are either blind traditionalists or fundamentalists (i.e. educated blind traditionalists). They don't have beliefs or positions on issues that are based on exegesis of the text of scripture but rather have to rely on quotes from other academics to make their case. Without the sure foundation of scripture, one can become very erudite and win at trivial pursuit...but that's it. We also have plenty of educated people who don't apply fall into the trap of academic pride. Far too many educated Mennonites don't subject their learning to God's divine authority and Christ's Lordship, but rather take their (in reality) pitiful education and somehow think that a masters degree or a doctorate in 1 teensy weensy corner of 1 field of knowledge makes them omniscient. All learning leads to worship, and either one worships God or one worships oneself. The problem isn't with education at all; the problem is with proud, wicked hearts that get lots of rational ammunition to attack those who contest their cult of self.

Comment by:  Anonymous - - Jul 16, 2007
I say "AMEN" to the statements under the above question.

Comment by:  Anonymous - - Mar 24, 2007
Why do pastoral search committees evaluate a candidate by education and experience more than by the biblical qualifications of character? The answer is obvious.

Comment by:  Anonymous - Florida - Nov 16, 2006
The statements (under the question) concerning education being a Mennonite god are sadly true, and cannot be discredited. I have attended two Mennonite colleges and two Mennonite seminaries and I can vouch for this.

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