Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need
to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.      2 Timothy 2:15
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Does the church seem to distort the pure and simple gospel of grace and faith in Christ?   As shown in the changing view of redemption and the atonement. As shown in mixing peacemaking and acts of justice with salvation. As shown in a lack of respect for, and an aversion to, certain believers.

Comments - Listed by most recent date at the top.
Comment by:  Anonymous - - Jul 19, 2008
I have asked various Mennonite pastors and ministers what it means to be saved, and most of them either have a great difficulty answering, or their answer is complicated, or it takes so long they never get finished.

Comment by:  Anonymous - - Feb 10, 2007
The circle graphs at the right tell the real story of where MC USA is, all too shamefully. Our message of peace and justice has taken precedence over the gospel. But notice how many of the parables of Jesus following the Sermon on The Mount end with a message, not of peace, but of exclusion and eternal torment.

Comment by:  Anonymous - California - Nov 10, 2006
I have felt in the Mennonite Church a apprehensive attitude toward Baptists and other Protestant denominations. At the same time it seems that Mennonites are tolerant of Moslems and other non-Christian religions to the point that they would be called brothers and sisters.

Comment by:  Concerned - Virginia - Nov 8, 2006
It is faith in Jesus as our Savior and grace alone that brings us into a saving relationship with God. If we include the "work" of peace or the "work" of being a peacemaker as a requirement for salvation we would all fall short. Peacemaking it seems should be a byproduct of being a faithful Christian.

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