Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need
to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.      2 Timothy 2:15
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Does the Mennonite Church (MCUSA) have a low view of the Word of God?   It seems to be more interested in human ideas and experiences than in divine Truth. Thus, Scripture has little real authority in classes, articles, decisions and sermons. Thus, it gives more credence to the opinion of the majority than to the Bible.

Comments - Listed by most recent date at the top.
Comment by:  Richard Alderfer - VA - Jul 31, 2012
I have read some of the comments regarding this movement. I think there is some validity to what is said , BUT I was distressed that a large majority of the comments were anonymous. If one feels that they can not be identified, then I don't put very much stock in what they are saying. It is very easy to condem band criticize from behind the wall af anonymity.

Comment by:  Anonymous - - Jan 12, 2008
The MCUSA low view of God's Word is seen again in the fact that we have increasing fellowship with Catholics on the basis of peace, and not on the basis of Scripture. Our founding fathers would be revolted by such compromise!

Comment by:  Anonymous - - Oct 6, 2007
Certainly the profile conducted by Conrad Kanagy reveals that MC USA members and pastors have a low view of the Word of God. What other explanation is there that more than one in five members do not believe in hell, and more than one in six pastors do not believe that Jesus will return to earth some day?

Comment by:  Anonymous - - May 14, 2007
To believe that we must know what God intended to say in His Word (which is the current view of Scripture in our seminaries) rather than what He actually said, is to make ourselves superior to the Author, for then we must be His evaluator and interpreter. But this is the case when one believes that Scripture as written was corrupted by mores, tradition and ignorance. Then it is not Gods Word to us, but mans word to us about his biased thoughts about God.

Comment by:  Anonymous - - Feb 9, 2007
Regardless of how we view the Scriptures, our view of God and His Word cannot be separated. Consequently, when we think His message is less that absolute truth we thus think of God as one who is less than "perfect in all His ways". Sadly, it IS true that too many Mennonite professors and leaders have a low view of God and His Word.

Comment by:  Anonymous - Ohio - Nov 17, 2006
The tend of MC USA and our seminiaries is much like the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). The vote of the General Assembly was to receive a policy paper on sex-inclusive language for the Holy Trinity. Congregations now have the option of using alternative phrasing to Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Options include ``Mother, Child and Womb,'' ``Rock, Redeemer, Friend,'' ``Lover, Beloved, Love'' and ``Creator, Savior, Sanctifier.'' Our Hymnal -- a worship book gives more credence to the opinion of the culture than to the Bible.

Comment by:  Anonymous - Virginia - Nov 15, 2006
Scripture has taken a secondary place in our church schools, in church publications and in congregations because it is no longer considered infallible and the sole basis for faith and the standard for life.

Comment by:  Anonymous - Nevada - Nov 9, 2006
The problem with this question is that people define low view differently. Two different people may think they have a high view of scripture while one looks at it as an alegory and the other sees it literally.

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