Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need
to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.      2 Timothy 2:15
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Interactive Questions and Comments
Below you will find a number of statements with explanations that represent what many of us in the Mennonite church believe we have seen the church move toward in recent years.
These comments are not just for the Mennonite church.   These same statements or questions should be asked of all Christians from all denominations.   You may click the buttons below each section to write your own comment or to view other peoples comments on these subjects.
We are inviting you to be the Berean... not to make this place of dialogue a battlefield.

Does the Mennonite Church (MCUSA) have a low view of the Word of God?   It seems to be more interested in human ideas and experiences than in divine Truth. Thus, Scripture has little real authority in classes, articles, decisions and sermons. Thus, it gives more credence to the opinion of the majority than to the Bible.

Does the church seem to distort the pure and simple gospel of grace and faith in Christ?   As shown in the changing view of redemption and the atonement. As shown in mixing peacemaking and acts of justice with salvation. As shown in a lack of respect for, and an aversion to, certain believers.

Does the Mennonite church seem to bow to the god of education?   To be educated seems more important than to be converted and pure in faith. To be educated means to be compliant with other faiths and to accept their values. To be educated is to deny and discredit the infallibility of the Word of God.

Does the church show inconsistency and conflict in its peace and justice stance?   It seems that more concern is given to the fatalities of war than to the fatalities of abortion. More concern is given to having peace with enemies than having peace with God. More concern is given to calling persons to pacifism than to faith in Christ.

Does the church give too little attention to the sins and traditions of the society?   It seems that the church today has little to say about abortion, homosexuality, pornography, gambling, etc. It has allowed the culture to dictate decisions and priorities of the church. It seems to be more concerned to be "politically correct" than to be spiritually correct.

Does the church today have too little fear of God and veneration for His sovereignty?   So the concepts of sin and hell and judgment are almost never mentioned. So to agree to disagree with each other is more important than to agree with God. So there is little talk about eternal realities and the awesome attributes of God.

Does it seem that the Mennonite Church cannot admit to, and repent of, its own inconsistency?   While it thinks nations should dwell in peace it has many factions and fatalities. While it claims Christ as Lord it gets unequally yoked together with unbelievers. While it speaks of being Anabaptist it gets more and more Catholic in thinking.